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Curses foiled again

Another team tried to rob the Bears cubbard of one of our coaches, but this time the Bears had something to say about it.

From the Sun-Times:

Bears linebackers coach Bob Babich is expected to be promoted to assistant head coach today.

It is believed that the Detroit Lions requested permission to speak to Babich about the defensive coordinator position under new coach Rod Marinelli. To retain Babich, the Bears promoted him and will give him a raise. Babich, 44, has been on the staff for two years and broke into the NFL in 2003 under Lovie Smith with the St. Louis Rams.

Babich has ties with Smith that go back two decades to their days at Tulsa. In the six seasons before joining the Rams, Babich was the head coach at North Dakota State.

Had Ron Rivera gotten a head-coaching position this offseason, it is believed Babich would have been promoted to defensive coordinator