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BEARS throttle the SEAHAWKS 37-6

The Bears take a 2 game lead in the NFC North, move to 4-0 and stake their claim to the best team in the NFC and perhaps the league after clipping the wings of the defending NFC champs.  I will have more to talk about tomorrow, but I wanted to get out there how I am glad that Madden and Colinsworth both said that it would not have mattered if Alexander was playing.  

This should move the Bears to 2-3 in the Power Rankings with SD and Cincy loosing, depending on how people see the Ravens beating the Chargers, but I have to imagine we will end up no lower than 2.  The only team that might show up above us is Indy, but by needing the Jets to give them the win, who knows we might find a few 1st place spots.

I missed the Rock Star of the game, can somebody fill me in?  I would say it is between Harris, Grossman and Jones.

I didn't see it but my wife said that two guys, I assume Colinsworth because she said a skinny white dude, called Grossman the best QB in the league right now.  High praise can commense now.  Can somebody please put some extra strength shocks on the bandwagon, because it is about to get overloaded.