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Theismann picks the Bears

While normally not wanting Joe Theismann to pick anything remotely involving the Bears, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say this MNF.  I am guessing he admits his man crush on Rex Grossman.

Joe Theismann is high on the Bears these days, as in 19-0 high. The former Redskins quarterback predicted the Bears have the potential for a perfect season during Monday's Ravens-Broncos game on ESPN. "The [undefeated] '72 Dolphins better start to get scared," Theismann said. "Nick Buoniconti, I'm putting you on alert." Later in the game, Theismann said, "They have a passing offense. That's why I don't think anybody beats them." Fellow analyst Tony Kornheiser said, "We're going to hold you to this if you've got them 16-0." Theismann shot back, "Actually, 19-0." Theismann will have more Bears talk during ESPN's coverage of their game at Arizona on Monday night.