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The Ship is still pretty full

I expected after this Monday night's game that there would be a steady stream of people suddenly backing some other team.  The post game had Young pulling back again and I was surprised to see that Irvin did not.

On ESPN, they had the two of their biggest knuckle heads, that being Salisbury and Schlareth and added Hoge to answer this question:

2. Did the Bears' struggles last night change your mind about them?

Surprisingly, they all didn't take much from the game other than to reiterate that Grossman is still young and that our defense rocks.  

Hoge: The Bears showed me two things in their improbable victory last night. One, because of his success, we forgot how young Rex Grossman is and how inexperienced he is as a starting NFL quarterback. He showed his youth and inexperience Monday night with his insistence on trying to go over the top of the defense instead of trying to move the offense down the field and taking what the defense was giving him. I'm sure that's something he'll be sat down and talked to about.

The second thing I saw was the heart this defense showed in the second half. Its players were beaten up and down the field for three quarters and had to suffer on the sidelines while watching their suddenly inept offense, but they didn't quit. They realized the only way they were going to salvage the season was by owning the fourth quarter, and that's what they did.