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Denny Green Press Conference

It took me awhile to decide if Denny Green's post game comments were a rip on us, but I am pretty sure they were.  What bothers me is the "they are who we thought they were" statment.

This is the Arizona Cardinals, we know they are who we thought they were.  They are a team that has never acheived anything...EVER.  Don't give me this garbage about letting the game slip away or giving us the game.  Granted you let some oppurtunities slip away, but the Bears D TOOK this game from you and sat around and watched with amazement just like the rest of us did.

This is Denny Green who is close to being labeled one of the biggest choke artists in all of football.  Great teams, big leads and he looses them all.  Maybe Green should spend less time thinking the Bears aren't that good and focus on keeping his boys focused for a whole game.  

I have to say I thought I new who Green was, but I now think I was wrong.  Green is a medicore and often unprofessional coach.