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Briggs starts the game

We all know how the off season goes, all free agents play whatever games they have to, to up their value.

I don't know if Briggs has any particular connections to the Miami area, but this report states that he would be interesting in playing there.

Two friends of Lance Briggs say the Bears' Pro Bowl linebacker has interest in joining the Dolphins next spring if Chicago doesn't satisfy his contract requests. The Dolphins need another impact linebacker to maximize their part-time use of the 3-4 defense. But even if the Bears allow Briggs to test the market, the Dolphins might need to spend most of their money on offensive linemen.

Whether it is true or not, no big deal.  We all know that Brigg is good, but not Urlacher good.  The Bears offered him a hefty contract in the preseason, but he wants more.  Fact is Angelo doesn't overspend.  If he hasn't figured that one out, then he hasn't been paying attention.  I would love to see him stay and hope he gets the money he deserves, but JA will not sink this ship with exorbitant contracts.