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8 Things To Watch

Ask enough times and you get some results.  Rob G., one of our more active participators and who has his own blog The Cub Reporter has sent me this piece.

Eight Things to Watch

There's no doubt the Bears are for "real" this season, their complete
domination of football at all levels is proof enough. But before we go get
Wyclef Jean and The Black-Eyed Peas to remix The Super Bowl Shuffle, here
are eight things to keep an eye on for the rest of the season. And no I
could not think of ten.

8. Glassman:  Rex has been playing like an MVP, but we're all
painfully aware of injury history. He may have that Brett Favre "gunslinger"
attitude but he didn't get his ability (or drug addiction) to stay healthy.
We do have a capable backup who's just as injury-prone though, so we can
hold on to that. Otherwise we'll have to sober up Kyle Orton so he can hand
off 50 times a game.

7. Lovie' Timeout Challenge:  You know you have a good coach when the
only thing you can think to harp on is his misusage of the replay challenge.
That being said, the potential loss of a timeout in a close game could be

6. The Hype Machine:  Whatever morons decided to anoint us the
reincarnation of the '85 Bears should be shot. This team seems level-headed
enough and in no small part thanks to our level-headed coach, but press like
that is never good.

5. Our 1-A schedule:  No doubt that we look a lot more impressive
beating the creampuffs and the Seahawks win was nice, but until we beat a
Super Bowl contender with all their moving parts in tact, this cloud of
doubt will hover over us.

4. Grossman's Gaffes:  The dude obviously has a cannon back there,
but he's still backpedaling far too much and trying to make plays that aren'
t there. One of those indecisions in a close game would be deadly.

3. December Doldrums:  We should have our division and potentially
home-field wrapped up by early December when we'll have to go to St. Louis,
and then at home versus the Bucs, back on the road versus the tame Lions and
then back at home to finish off Brett Favre's career, hopefully with about 5
interceptions.  It'll be great time to rest our starters but will it lose
our edge? Personally I'd take the rest, but something to keep an eye on.

2. The Quest for Perfection:  Running the table in the NFL would be
legendary and all and if you have the opportunity you have to go for it. On
the other hand, it leads to the potential of playing some starters down the
stretch that don't need to be started, thus risking injury.

1. The Brilliance of Belichek:  November 26th could very well be our
'85 Dolphins game. It'll happen two weeks earlier than in '85 but we're
going to be facing a good QB with a good coach, coming off an easy game for
them at Green Bay. In the meantime it'll be our third straight trip out to
the East Coast (that hardly seems remotely fair by the way). Whatever
weaknesses we have, no matter how small they may be, will be fully exposed
by Belichek and Brady. Be afraid, very afraid.

My apologies for getting all Debbie-Downer on you guys, but it's best to be aware of our shortcomings, in spite of how much awesomeness we've displayed to this point. So while you guys are busying contemplating all this, I'm
going to go suck up some Super Bowl tickets on Ebay and see how Wyclef is doing with the remix.