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Explanation of Hester's Punt Return TD

Not often do people give any real time to the details of special teams.  You just random statements like Hester made about 6 sick moves(that one is courtesy of Mike and Mike in the morning).  This aritcle has a little more of an explanation on what play was called and how it works.

Special-teams coordinator Dave Toub told Hester before the kick, ''This is the one.'' The play is called ''six box red,'' and it's the same one Hester scored on in Week 1 at Green Bay. It calls for six players in the box near the ball at the line of scrimmage, a double team on each outside gunner and some shifty work by Hester. Red means the play is designed to go right, and Toub picked that direction after calling left returns earlier in the game.


''Everybody runs it,'' Toub said.

''It's a pretty standard punt return. It's just a matter of which side you want to go to, and that's pretty hard for them to tell.''

What set up the big play was Brendon Ayanbadejo's near-block of Scott Player's kick. He faked that he wasn't coming, then broke through and nearly got the ball. With Ayanbadejo bearing down, Player quickly got off a line-drive 50-yarder with less hang time. That gave Hester room to work starting at the 17-yard line, especially with gunners Hanik Milligan and Matt Ware taken out of the play.

Ayanbadejo popped up and was able to make two blocks, including sealing off Aaron Francisco, the last Cardinal who had a legitimate shot at Hester. The rookie has tied Dennis McKinnon (1987) for the most punt-return touchdowns in one season in franchise history, and Hester's next -- and do you doubt it's far off? -- will tie him with McKinnon, Steve Schubert and Ray McLean for teer mark.