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Harris "Nobody Can Beat Us!"

I had hoped to leave Rob G's post up top for a bit, but there is just a ton of stuff I want to get out, so if you still haven't read it, check it out.

As this article states it isn't declaring a Super Bowl victory, but Harris is pretty please with the way things look.

It is not yet a Super Bowl declaration or a guarantee, but defensive tackle Tommie Harris made a definitive statement in the wake of Monday night's 24-23 comeback win over the Arizona Cardinals:

"We can only beat ourselves," Harris said. "Nobody can beat us."

Harris told his father beforehand that the Arizona game was going to be far more difficult than people realized. And far from disparaging the woeful performance of the Bears' offense, Harris spoke of an overall team effort with pride, not irritation.

I definitley like our team being confident, but it is possible that an attitude like this is what caused the issues we had in the Arizona game.  I would also think it a good idea to keep the chalk talk to a minimun.