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More on Green's Bad Coaching?

Ok, that might have been an irresponsible shot, but being that Urlacher tallied 19 tackles and took over the 4th and Briggs came up with 15 tackles, somebody didn't set up somebody right.

Exhausted after making what seemed like every tackle in the second half Monday night, Brian Urlacher looked dazed and sounded confused.

Any reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year would have been after spending an entire second half practically ignored by the opposing offense.

"They didn't block me," Urlacher said, sounding as if he couldn't believe it himself.

Even if the Cardinals had tried, the will with which Urlacher played would have made blocking him nearly impossible. But it's inconceivable a team coached by supposed offensive wizard Dennis Green would leave Urlacher unaccounted for as often as the Cardinals did.

They were playing with two new starters on the offensive line, but that's not really an excuse.

"A lot of times it was just me and [Edgerrin James] in the hole, that's it," Urlacher said.

Or course Grossman continuing his week's worth of kissing the but of any defensive player he can find continues here.

He showed why he's a superstar," quarterback Rex Grossman said. ...