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Chat with Angelo

As mentioned in the comment section somewhere, GM Jerry Angelo had a small interview on The Score.  I was dealing with some business, but I jotted down what I picked up.

Talked about how the Bears will handle Brown's abscence.  McGowan coming off of the PUP list this week.  Touted Danieal Manning.

Talked about being patient with Rex Grossman.  We saw what we wanted in him and made a stand.

Questions about Benson's development, can he be great.   He can't answer great.  Pick who is the best fit at the time.

Any talk about trades? No

How has the 6-0 start change what you do?  Have heightened expectations affected planning and decision making.  No.  Everybody is much more exciting.  His concern is handeling the success, not running on it, but building on it.  Two biggest things during the year protecting for injuries and staying hungry.

Will Lovie's contract be opened during season?  Bonus, exstension.  Will be answered in a timely manner, but no time table.  Extremely happy with the coach and his staff.

Small talk about Angelo not gloating.