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On Thursday I was talking to a friend of mine who happens to be a Patriots fan.  I asked him how he was feeling and he was nervous.  When he asked me how I felt I said were going to be fine.  I just have a feeling everything will be alright.  Of course, Sunday rolled around and the nerves were jumping, but the Bears took care of that quickly.

On this particular night no team in the leauge could have beaten us.

So on a day when ESPN is throwing around gringe worth titles like 'Beary Impressive', I will go through what I thought of each position.

Quarterback: Rex Grossman, 232 yds/2TDs/0INTs
This might have been Grossman's best game.  With the exception of a few balls that sailed on him, he avoided the bad throws.  He did not have any should-been-INTs that were negated because the DBs dropped the ball.  He moved well granted backwards a lot of the time, but he got out of the pocket and got rid of the ball well.  Does Madden really think this is the first time anybody compared Grossman to Favre?  He acted like we might have never heard it before.

Running Backs: Jones, 98 yds/2TDs, Benson
Although, this was our team's best run performance I still feel like they are not clicking yet and have some room for improvement.  Both Benson and Jones had some nice runs, but if our line didn't blow up their D line, we didn't get much.

Wide Receivers: Muhammad 5/45/1TD, Berrian 3/108/1TD
There isn't much bad I can say about the receivers.  I only recall two drops, one by Clark for a TD, and a long pass to Berrian, but over all they caught everything thrown to them.  

Offensive Line:
The offensive line got pushed around a little bit, but nothing to be worried about.  Grossman did have to get the hell out of dodge a few times.  I do think they still need to do better of both pass and run blocking, they are a tad inconsistent, but overall they played very well.

Defensive Line:
I don't know what more I can say about their performance.  They kept pressure on the entire game.  Tommie Harris along with Shawn Merrimane look like you defensive MVPs so far this year.  It was awesome to see both Alex Brown and Mark Anderson abuse Walter Jones a few times each after all the hype he gets every game.  Both just put on the burners and went around him.

Line backers:
The thing about our D Line playing so well, is it essentially takes numbers away from the line backers.  They don't blitz often, they don't have to make too many spectacular plays; although, that one blitz by Urlacher up the middle and brought the runner down with one hand was amazing.

By far their best game.  With the exception of play where Branch got behind Tillman, who was expecting help no receiver got behind us or was allowed a ton of yards.  Jackson had a 22 yard reception and Branch had a 31 yarder, but that is too be expected.  Manning Jr. had two INTs and one of them was quite phenominal.  He probably should have had a third.

Special Teams: Gould, 3/3 FGs, 4/4 XPs
Gould is a monster right now. He hasn't missed a thing yet.  Hester got a little sloppy.  He muffed two punts.  One had to be recovered by another special teams guy.   I still think we are missing the boat not getting him more touches.  Whether it is on kick offs or on a few offensive plays, I would like to see him in there more.  Maynard started off sloppy as well, be finished pretty strong.  That last kick he had the returner back peddling 10 yards before he caught it at the 4 yard line.

A few small things here and there, but nothing I would even bother to worry about.  It seems the Bears coaches are using a lot of point systems and the players are seeming to respond.  I mentioned earlier that Special Teams coach, Dave Toub uses a point system for his side and last night they talked about Coach Smith measuring players using LOAFS.  Hey, whatever works.