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Bears remain number 1

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It was possible that the power rankings could have dropped the Bears down to the number 2 spot, but it looks like they are #1 for this week as well.

Think the Bears will miss S Mike Brown? Last time he was out -- the four games before their playoff loss last year -- the Bears' defense allowed 50 more yards rushing per game.

Maybe the week off got them back refocused after that horrible showing in Arizona. The schedule is still favorable for a few weeks.

America's still talking about the Bears' 20-point fourth quarter comeback win two weeks ago in Arizona. Some stats that are still lingering in football circles: Brian Urlacher -- 19 tackles. Edgerrin James -- 36 carries, 54 yards. The Bears -- six turnovers in a win. Unbelievable stuff. How good is Chicago this year? The Bears are favored by more than 15 points against the 49ers this weekend. And no one's blinking an eye. Now it's time for the real question -- when are we getting a Super Bowl Shuffle remix? Will Rex Grossman don some shades and a headband? Does Lance Briggs play the Refrigerator Perry role? The nation needs this.

et's see if a week off will do anything to help the Bears regain their dominant form on offense vs. the equally well-rested 49ers.