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Benson to see more time

This news actually came out earlier this week, I just realized I hadn't posted it yet.

I have always been on the Thomas Jones side of the fence when it came to our starting running back, but I knew that Benson was to be our future, so a healthy dose of him was also expected.  On Monday's game versus the Cardinals, Benson was given only one rush.  The Bears look to give him much more time this week.

"(Benson) needs to be in more," said offensive coordinator Ron Turner. "We have to get more carries (as a team) and we have to get him more involved. Thomas is a very good player and we're going to get Thomas his carries, but we believe Cedric is too, and we've got to get him in.

"Last week the way the game went our intentions were to get him in early and get him in the flow of the game. But when you're three-and-out, three-and-out or one-and-out with a turnover, it's really tough to get anything in sync.

I am all for TJ being the feature back or Benson being the feature back or even a committe approach, but the running game needs to step up and if the means Benson gets the brunt of the carries then so be it.  TJ is looking slow and undecisive at times, he needs to attack the holes he is given and stop trying to break big runs before he has them.