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BEARS destroy another

I left to go help the wife do a little grocery shopping.  When I left the Colts were down 14-6, so I had in my head how I was going to write my 'And then there was one' type post.  I came back to see the highlights as the FG is going through.  Oh well...doesn't affect us any.

There were a lot of people questioning if the Bears were for real after our Monday night game versus the Cardinals.  The 49ers would be the first ones out to try out this new throw the short ball to beat the Bears theory everybody keeps talking about. Unfourtunately, to anybody hoping to see San Fran duplicate some of the success of Arizona the Bears came ready to ball and the Niners game ready to turn over the ball.  The Bears scored early and often.  The Niners totaled 5 fumbles and 1 INT.

The Bears on the other hand just coasted.  Anybody wondering how Grossman would rebound from the single worse game he has probably had in his playing career have there answer.  I am reasonably certain he has a short term memory of about 2 minutes.  Grossman threw for 252, 3 TDs and 0INTs, one to Muhammad and two to Clark.

Thomas Jones finally showed up for a game rushing for 111 and 1TD.  The curious thing is the Bears attempt to get Benson invovled equaled 8 rushes.

The receivers again loved life with Rex as he got the ball to everybody often.  Six receivers caught 2 passes or more and six had 20 yards or more including TJ in both those stats.

Defense was dominant as usual and what better way to demonstrate that by saying the Bears pitched a shut out into the 4th and Urlacher tallied only 1 tackle.  He also had an INT.  Rookie Mark Anderson found his way to the QB again bringing his total to 7.5.  Wale also got a sack.

On special teams, Hester only had 1 return, but it was a good one going for 42 yards.  Davis had 3 kick off returns averaging 24.3 yards.

Robbie Gould continued his perfect ways going 2/2 on FGs and 5/5 on XPs.

Maynard had 3 punts for a whopping 51.3 average.

Now it is your turn, send your recaps in, first in, first up.