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First Quarter Stats

Something to look at while we all wait for the assualt of #1 power rankings heading our way.  This is where various Bears players currently rank.

Rex Grossman
5th in leauge in passing yards(1061).  Behind McNabb(1248), P. Manning(1112), Kitna(1081) and Brees(1063)

T-2nd in passing TDs with E. Manning.  Both fall behind McNabb(9).

5th in passer rating(100.8).  Behind Carr(108.9), Huard(106.9), McNabb(106.0), Pennington(102.3).

Mushin Muhammad
T-9th in receivng yards(324) with Braylon Edwards. Behind Harrison(413), Coles(412), A. Johnson(410), R. Williams(384),Wayne(358), Colston(336),Holt(332) and S. Moss(326)

T-15th in receiving yards(316) with Larry Fitzgerald

T-1st in recieving TDs(3) with 9 other players

Desmond Clark
29th in receiving yards(232)

T-?? in receiving TDs(2)

Thomas Jones
13th in rushing yards(279)

Rushing TDs(2)  Three players have 4 and 7 players have 3.  Thriteen players are tied with 2.

Tommie Harris
T-1st in sacks(5).  Peppers, Scott and Cole also have 5.

Brian Urlacher
T-17-19 with three other players for tackles(31)

Lance Briggs
T-15-16 with two other players for tackles(32)

Mark Anderson
T-10-13 in sacks(3.5)

Special Teams:
Rasheed Davis
9th in kickoff return average yards(25.6)

Devin Hester
10th in punt return average yards(10.2)

Robbie Gould
2nd in FGs made(13).  Behind Wilkins(15)

T-3rd in XPs made(11).  Behind Akers(15) and Nuget(12)

T-1st in points scored(50) with Wilkins

I'll post the total offense and defense number later.