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BEARS are complete team

There is nothing in his article that you haven't probably heard already, but I liked the line about Oakland, so I thought I would put it up.  It is still a decent read.

What's more intriguing is that their next five weeks are a Windy City breeze. They're at home against Buffalo, on the road to face Arizona, then at home on the couch for their bye (or on the road in Las Vegas, if you're Brian Urlacher), at home versus San Francisco, and at home, yet again, to play Miami. They couldn't ask for a softer schedule (unless they found a way to play Oakland, which, at this point, doesn't morally seem right). The Arizona matchup is on prime time (ESPN's Monday Night Football) and all are winnable games, meaning Chicago is likely to stay undefeated on into November. Thus, expect the buzz and hype to conti