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BEARS- Point Differential

Here is another power ranking that has the Bears at #1, but they have some added stuff about the Bears point differential, which is at +87.

our top 10 hot starts of the past 10 years:
  1. 1999 Rams (+95)
  2. 1997 Patriots (+90)
  3. 1997 Broncos (+79)
  4. 2001 Rams (+74)
  5. 2003 Colts (+73)
  6. 2002 Raiders (+72)
  7. 2003 Chiefs (+69)
  8. 2003 Broncos (+69)
  9. 2005 Bengals (+66)
  10. 1998 Broncos (+65)
Of those 10 teams, all 10 made the playoffs, with an average record of 12-4 on the dot. Five of those teams made the Super Bowl. Three won it all (1997 Broncos, 1998 Broncos, 1999 Rams).

The other 17 4-0 teams had an average record of 11-5. The group included one Super Bowl winner (2004 Patriots) and six non-playoff teams.

So, while the Colts are off to a nice start and should make the playoffs, the Bears are likely to be something special. And that's worthy of a No. 1 spot, college protocol be damned. Remember, it's the college system that f's up the national title game every year, anyway. So we'll stick with our system.

Here is what they had to say about the Bears.

1. CHICAGO (previous rank: 2)
2006 records: 4-0; 1-0 vs. quality opponents

Last week: Da Bears Da-stroyed Da Outmatched Sea Frauds, 37-6.

Cold, Hard Football Facts: Rex Grossman's four passing outputs of 262, 289, 278 and 232 yards would have ranked 1-2-3-4 on the Bears' single-game leaderboard last year.

Next: vs. Buffalo. Then the Cardinals, 49ers and Dolphins. Three games at home, with a bye in the middle. Get used to the No. 1 spot, boys.