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BEARS win a squeaker

HA! Just kidding.  When you are destroying teams each and every week you can afford a few jokes now and again.  Say it with me, boys.  FIVE AND OH!  The Bears are pitching the big shoutout the leauge right now.

The Bears should go to #1 in most power polls after a 40-7 schlacking of the Buffalo Bills and the Colts less than inspiring home win over the feisty Titans.

King Rex had another quality if unspectacular outing.  Not much was needed from him, but he couldn't help but give the Bears fans a few thrills along the way.  He threw for two TDs, one each to Blaze and Davis.  He ended with 182 yards, 2TDs and 0INTs.

Go figure!  I don't ask for a nickname for Davis and he goes 3 for 41 and a TD.  Berrian ended up with 4 for 97 and a TD.  What is scary about this is the amount of weapons the King is capable of using.  Moose and Des are normally big targets, but this game they only amounted to 3 catches for 32 yards.

For the second straight week, the running game took center stage.  TJ ran for 109 yards with an impressive 5 yard average.  Ced came in and dropped 48 yards and 2 TDs.

The defense again reigned supreme over it's foe, allowing only one TD in garbage time.  The Bears knotched 3 INTs and 3 sacks.  Rookie Mark Anderson came in with 2 taking him to 5.5 and he has overtook the team lead from Count Sackula.  Brown had the other sack and added an INT.  Briggs and D Man had the other two INTs.  Urlacher led the team with 5 tackles which is just gross when you think about how much rest time this meant the Bears D had.

Our return guys didn't have a ton of work today.  Davis had 2 runs for a total of 28 yards.  Hester ran back 4 for 42 yards including a 21 yarder.

Gould again proves to be dead on balls to the wall accurate having another perfect game going 4/4 on FGs and 4/4 on extra points.

From the stats alone it is hard to find anything to knock about the Bears performance, but maybe Chad's recap or SOMEBODY ELSE'S recap that I hope to find in the diary section tomorrow will have something to add.