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I remember a time after a win, I would check the rankings to see if we cracked the top 20.  How things have changed.

Trick: Illusion that they were what the Cardinals thought they were.

Treat: That they're 7-0 and the rest of their opponents have a combined record of 30-34.

The schedule is soft, but they don't leave any doubts. They crush their soft opposition. They don't get a real test until two weeks from now against the Giants.

If you were out for the first half of the 1 o'clock games on Sunday and just got to a TV in time for the halftime highlight shows on CBS and FOX -- you saw some pretty standard stuff on the tickers scrolling below: New York beating Tampa Bay, the Bengals neck and neck with the Falcons, and the Ravens up on the Saints. And then you saw this: Chicago : 41, San Francisco : 0. Yes, 41-0. At the half. Chicago 's officially ROLLING. Their quarterback situation is settled, their defense is looking like the Bears squad of '85, and their special teams are arguably the best in the league. The only question lingering is over which current Bear will play the Richard Dent role in the "Super Bowl Shuffle" remix...which absolutely MUST be made.

In recognition of the holiday, the Bears are scary ... verrry scarrry!