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72 Dolphin not a fan of 06 team

I was planning on writing this based on how sick I am of the endless 72 Dolphins celebration talk.  I hope both the Colts and the Bears go undefeated just  for that reason, but then I read the rest of the article and one 72 Dolphin absolutely thrashed this year's squad.

f it does happen to be the Dolphins who end the 2006 Bears' undefeated run, not all members of the '72 squad will pop champagne, Old Crow or anything else.

"I do not believe in this Dolphins team," Kuechenberg said. "They do not have a soul."

To Kuechenberg, Miami's 1-6 record is the result of off-season personnel decisions, the worst being the jettisoning of quarterback Gus Frerotte after the veteran led the Dolphins to six straight victories to finish 2005.

Coach Nick Saban not only failed to build on that momentum, Kuechenberg said, but also has failed to put the "W" in "We" and the "T" in "Team." Kuechenberg said Saban capped off his moves by "bringing in a scrambling quarterback [Daunte Culpepper] with his leg shot off.

"What Saban did was unconscionable. If coaches could be impeached, he should be. He rewards people with things like firing his field general. The message he's sending is that there's no such thing as loyalty. It's unconscionable and it's almost immoral."

Miami is a 13½-point underdog to the Bears, meaning not a lot of opinion favors the Dolphins, moral or not. They aren't making believers out of their alumni, either.

"Tell [the Bears] not to beat them too bad," Langer asked. "Don't knock the fish off the helmet or something."

But an underdog Miami team once upset an undefeated Bears team, in 1985, didn't it? Isn't anything possible?

"It's not even remotely possible," Kuechenberg said. "The only thing this [Sunday's] game has in common with that [one in 1985] is that the teams have the same names."