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Moose might get penalized

Now that everybody has finished explaining how we only beat the Giants due to injury and told us why we will loose to the Jets, news is going to other topics associated with the Giants game.

If you recall Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was penalized for putting the ball under his jersey after a touchdown. Mushin Muhammad, after a TD, puts the ball between each of his legs.  This according to the rules should have been called.

"The Muhammad celebration penalty was missed," the official, who asked not to be identified, said Monday. The officiating crew likely "will be marked down" in its game evaluation because Muhammad was not whistled for the maneuver.

"Why do these guys feel they have to celebrate like that and cost their team a 15-yard penalty?" the official said. "It doesn't make sense."

No, what really doesn't make sense is why the league feels the need to protect the other player's  feelings so much.  Really does what Jacobs or Muhammad do, actually cause anybody any problems.  I am all for TD celebrations.  I do think the throat slash was rightfully removed and I understand in this day and age the machine gun or a bomb is the wrong type of celebration, but other than that have at it.  I do have some issues with things Chad Johnson, T.O. and other have done, but that is just from a time standpoint.  It just takes them too long to do their celebration.

I guess the next question is where do they stop?  If a TD celebration can't happen, do they next penalize individual ones?  Like everytime a player does the first down gesture or like when the Giants do their little jump shot.  Isn't that a celebration?