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Angelo contract on the way

During an after game interview Bears president Ted Phillips said that the first order of business in the off season is to extend GM Jerry Angelo.  

Many this year have harped on the fact that Coach Lovie Smith is the league's lowest paid coach and deserves a raise, which he does and which he will receive.

It then only makes sense that the man who hired Smith should receive one as well.

Smith has done a great job, but Angelo is just as much responsible for our success as Smith.  Despite constantly being knocked about not going after players or positions, he continues to be right.

Who would you rather have at tight end right now? Leonard Pope or Desmond Clark.  Which reciever would you rather have right now?  Bernard Berrian or Randel El.  What about QB? Grossman or Leftwich.

It is fair to say to a few of those type of questions we would have answered differently before the choices were made, we would have been wrong.

Don't even get me started on Archuleta.