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Everybody seems to think the Jets are a sexy pick to beat the Bears, but if you look at their defensive numbers, it makes you wonder how they are going to stop us from dropping 80 on them.

All the talk is about bringing pressure on Grossman, but if you can't stop the run, how are you going to get to Grossman?

BEARS Statistic JETS
30.2 (2nd) Points Scored 19.7 (18th)
332.9 (13th) Total Offense 291.8 (25th)
105.8 (19th) Rushing Offense 112.6 (15th)
227.1 (10th) Passing Offense 179.2 (23rd)
13.3 (2nd) Points Allowed 23.0 (T-23rd)
250.4 (1st) Total Defense 361.1 (31th)
98.3 (T-10th) Rushing Defense 143.0 (28th)
152.1 (1st) Passing Defense 218.1 (21st)
+7 (5th) Turnover Ratio +1 (T-12th)