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Grossman Interview

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Rex Grossman was on the Dan Patrick show.  Here is a quick recap of the interview.

Do the Bears have high expectations?
We have to win the division first.

How good is the team?
Good, can be great.  Best D in league.

When you felt the team was special?
Last season, if O could ever match D, still a work in progress.

2nd best team?
Colts, Patriots, Chargers

How often do you go against the 1st team D?
Not much, wearing orange jersey.

Wouldn't going against that D be the est way to get ready for any D?
Yes, Vikings and Lions run similar D, a lot of teams are going to the Tampa 2, so it does help.

Brady or Manning Sunday night?
Manning.  Harrison probably best receiver in league.

Being compared to Favre?
Each QB plays their own way, based on the system they were brought up in.  Doesn't affect him.  Embarrassed by being compared to a legend.  But would like to get away from the comparisons.

How long does it take to get the injury out of your head?
First couple of games, then you start to worry about what you can control.

Last time he got hit and didn't remember where he was?
KGB, Christmas Day last year.

What position would Urlacher play on offense?
Play every position, but I would like him to play TE. He could see him as a starting RB.  With 25 carries could easily have 100 yards.  Compared him Jacobs in size and probably a little faster.