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Everybody wants the Bears

There is a battle brewing between NBC and FOX over rights to Bears games and flexible scheduling.

Including the Bears vs. Giants game the Bears are at 4 prime time games.  League rules state teams can only have 5 prime time appearances with up to 3 teams getting 6 games.  

CBS and FOX have the right to block 4 games from going to NBC on Sunday night.  NBC wants the Bears.  More specifically they want the Bears/Patriots and Bears/Vikings.  NBC didn't block those games. Initially the already scheduled games of Colts/Eagles and Seahawks/Broncos look enticing and FOX assumed NBC would want to keep those games, so FOX blocked the Bears/Jets game.  Now with Philly looking like they are about to collapse and the Seahawks mired with injuries to their star players the Bears games are looking more and more attractive.

It is basically going to come down to what the league says.  They have the final decision on when  and what games move to prime time.  For instance, the leauge moved the Bears/Giants game to Sunday night.  NBC could have picked a different game if something happened to  make this one not as good a match up.

As for me I would love to see them both, but the Patriots game is the one I want, so screw the Vikings.