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What they are saying

Jets Coach Mangini on the Jets decision to onside kick

"We've been practicing it for quite a few weeks," Mangini said of the decision. "It looked good in practice. It was a good opportunity. I really liked the play, I liked the situation, I liked the call."

Bears safety Chris Harris on recovering the onside kick

"I wasn't too shocked. I kind of saw it coming. When I got out there, after studying film and seeing who lines up on the right side, I saw there were a couple guys that weren't on the right side that normally are and we knew something was up."

Grossman on dealing with the pressure

''Sometimes when things were not going well or they had the better look, I'd still try to make the play,'' he said of previous outings. ''That's when you cause turnovers and put our defense in bad situations, so I really stressed to myself to make sure I didn't throw it up for grabs.''

Jets cornerback Drew Coleman on the Mark Bradley touchdown

''He made a good move, I slipped and I fell,'' Coleman said. ''I'll put it behind me, but it will always be in the back of my head. It was a big play. They capitalized off it, and it was a turning point in the game.''

RB Thomas Jones on his success versus the Jets

'We have a nice chemistry going and whenever you have cracks and creases there and I can find them --and Ced had some really good runs, too -- we get into the secondary and we work really with our line,'' Jones said. ''As the season goes along, defenses are getting tired and the better your running game, the more success you're going to have. We're excited about the way we've been running the ball.''

Urlacher on intercepting Jets QB Chad Pennington

"With our defensive-line pressure that we get, we're able to cheat a little bit," Urlacher said, "and I just read his eyes."