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NFL needs the Bears

As I was yelling at my screen again as another supposed 'expert' decides to trash the Bears and hand the NFC to  Dallas it occurred to me that the NFL needs the Bears to polish off the NFC and go to the Super Bowl.

Most believe that whatever team comes out of the NFC is bound to get whacked by pick your AFC team.  The question should be then which NFC team has the best shot to keep it close or win?  The simple answer is the Bears, aside from being the most complete team in the league they are both the most consistent and the least likely to fall apart sometime in between.

Look at the other names in the NFC.  Dallas, Seattle, New York, New Orleans, and Carolina have all been called the team to take the NFC, but can anybody say that any of them will even bother to show up?  That is the biggest bunch of 'which team will show' teams I have ever seen.  Granted Dallas has looked good and may have removed themselves from this discussion by end of the season, but not yet.

The Bears have proven they can win games this year with their offense, defense and special teams, who better to go to the Super Bowl?

Also from a name recognition and excitement stand point, the Bears are you best option.  Firstly, do you want the most recognizable name in the SB to be T.O., I would hope not.  Take his name out of it and Urlacher is the next name on the list.  With a team that can and has scored every way possible, the excitement would always be there even if the Bears were down by a score or two.

Every punt that Hester fielded you'd be on the edge of your seat.  Every time Urlacher got a clear run at somebody that ball might be coming loose.  

What is not to like about that type of match up?

What other team can offer a better combination of excitability, recognition and tradition?