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Need to be worried?

Based on what I saw in the comment section, some of you are ready to riot to get Griese in at quarterback.  Being that Coach Smith has already backed Grossman again, I was curious how worried you are about Chicago's chances after the New England lose.

There was a lot of good to come from that game.  Our defense played well; although, they were on the field too much and did give up some plays.  They held Dillon and Maroney to 40 and 33 yards respectively.  It also would have been nice to see some pressure up front.

Our offense wasn't all bad either.  Our running game played very well against the #2 rushing D in the league.  Berrian had over 100 yards receiving in the first half.  Had Grossman not confused the color of jersey he was throwing to, who knows what kind of numbers would have been put up?

Not to drop all the blame at Grossman's feet, but there is a lot of blame he must take.

So again, how worried are you?  How far can this team get with Grossman as QB?