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Don't hate the player, hate the game

I am a little uneasy about even bringing this up, but it seems to be more and more of an issue.  If you were to read the blog from PFT this morning you would see that they reprinted the closing Parting Shots of Jeremy Schaap.  They were directed at Ricky Manning Jr and toward the end at the Bears.  Here is the statement:

When the Bears play the Patriots today, they'll be without cornerback Ricky Manning, who leads the team in interceptions and convictions.  This week the NFL suspended Manning for one game for his most recent crime.  

In April, Manning and some friends were at a Denny's when they noticed another patron quietly working on his laptop.  For no known reason, Manning -- already on probation for another assault -- slapped the man in the face and allegedly called him an ugly Jew -- and worse. Then Manning's friends beat the man -- who by the way is not Jewish -- into unconsciousness.

Manning denied the slur -- my lawyers are Jewish, he said -- but in September he pleaded no contest to felony assault.

Regarding the suspension and its timing, Brian Urlacher said, quote, "It stinks." Urlacher's an outstanding linebacker, but perspective is clearly not his strength.  Neither he nor anyone else on the Bears said it stunk that Manning assaulted an innocent man -- only that it stinks that he won't be in the team's nickel package today.  

For its part, the NFL was too soft on Manning, a repeat offender, an alleged bigot and a confirmed dope.  In just about any other line of work, Manning would have been fired for cause.  Instead, he'll be back on the field next week.  

Go Bears.

My problem here is not PFT, because despite their endless string of mysterious super secret sources, they go after everybody pretty much daily and my problem is not the attack on Manning, because what he did was inexcusable and I have no problem with somebody taking a shot at him.  My problem is with the shots toward Brian Urlacher and the Chicago Bears.

Ravens MLB Ray Lewis was on trial for murder and he was quickly back on the field.  The Bengals are a who's who of convictions and they all get back on the field.

Maybe instead of attacking Urlacher for wanting his teammate on the field or the Bears for not firing Manning, they should be attacking the league.  The league dishes out punishment.  Manning pled not contest and took whatever punishment the courts handed out and he took the one game suspension from the league.  Why should the Bears now dish out more?  Are they bigger than the legal system?  Attack Manning if you want, he deserves it.  Attack the league, they certainly deserve it, but don't go after uninvolved players and the teams.  If the team is responsible, start penalizing them when a player commits a crime right along with a player.

And just from a Jeremy 'Holier than thou' Schaap standpoint.  You can drop it, because you know very well if you were the coach, Manning would be on the field next week just like everybody else.