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Don't pull the alarm yet

One of the most frustrating problems with pro sports is the dam is breaking response most sports journalists and 'expert' to certain events.  The fact is the Bears are 9-2 and yet they still get trashed more than any other team than maybe the Raiders.  Here is an article by Andy Benoit.  The article doesn't relay anything new, but it is nice to see that somebody can take a lose in stride.

The reality is that the Bears' recent 17-13 loss to the New England Patriots isn't that big of deal. After all, the defeat only dropped Chicago to 9-2, leaving them with a two-game lead in the NFC and four games up on the Vikings in the North division. Furthermore, although few in the organization would ever say this publicly, the loss has to be somewhat ameliorated by the fact that the Bears were competitive in the final game of a tough three-week road trip in which they finished 2-1.