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Round table: Best QB of All Time

I have mentioned in the past that those of us football bloggers throw out topics to have a discussion on and post them.  They don't happen as often as we probably would like, but they happen every now and again.  Skin Patrol, our resident Redskins blogger, at Hogs Haven threw out this question.  

Who is the best QB in the history of the NFL?

The thing I found odd about this discussion were the first two names lobbed out there were not Montana, Elway or any of the norm, but instead Slingin Sammy Baugh and Johnny U.  

The discussion had made some turns and we kind of got away from actually making a call instead defining what determines the best QB.  

Stats wise Marino is it hands down, but without a championship he is often overlooked, so I posed the question of at what point when naming all-time greats do names like Marino and Moon enter.  Top 5?  Top 10?

There was also a section on the comparison of Steve Young to Randall Cunnigham that I brought up, so go over have a read.  It is not the complete conversation, mostly hight lights, then  leave your thoughts or come back here and continue the discussion.