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Pro Bowl

Awhile ago I gave a list of Bears players that would make the Pro Bowl per Sprint's portion of voting.  According to this piece if you look at the NFL online voting the Bears have more players on their way.

C Olin Kreutz: Ahead of Minnesota's Matt Birk. Be sure to mention it Sunday

G Ruben Brown" Vikings' Steve Hutchinson No. 1, teammate Roberto Garza No. 3

T John Tait: With Orlando Pace out for year, RT Fred Miller is 3rd, would start

ILB Brian Urlacher: Has more votes than next 4 combined

OLB Lance Briggs: A high profile in high-profile games

DT Tommie Harris: Nearly double total of No. 2, Saints' Brian Young

K Robbie Gould: Nobody even close

KR Devin Hester: Nobody close on the field either, sometimes

ST Brendon Ayanbadejo: In a runaway

QB Rex Grossman: McNabb, Brees 1-2, but McNabb out for the year

DE Alex Brown: All-around play noticed by voters

TE Desmond Clark: Chasing Alge Crumpler and Jeremy Shockey

FS Danieal Manning: Rookie trails only Philly's Brian Dawkins

P Brad Maynard: Kicking in Soldier Field should count for something

Of course, I am obligated to note out the disparity of voting for middle linebacker where the overrated Brian Urlacher once again trashes the rest of the field.

The other stand out think is the number of Bears players who are far and away ahead of their competition.

This portion of the voting counts for 1 third of the total.