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Grossman talks trash and Sharper is a crybaby

There is a running story where Minnesota Vikings player Darren Sharper is upset that Rex Grossman talked trash after throwing the game winning TD.

In 10 years in the league I haven't had a quarterback do that any time to me, so we definitely remember that and the guys in the locker room remember that," Sharper said

So let me get this straight after Winfield picked Grossman off late and ran a TD back, no trash talking was done?  In fact:

I probably said some things that I regret, but the whole game their DBs were talking to me, just really getting under my skin a little bit and probably more than I should have allowed it to...

So Grossman is supposed to allow it?  Maybe, maybe not, but don't whine when somebody sends it back.  You trash talked when you thought you won the game, he trashed talked when he won it.