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NFC's best gets blitzed

What!  The NFC's darling, Dallas Cowboys, have lost 5?  The NFC's Super Bowl rep just lost 42-17?  America's next best QB has a 2nd straight sub par game?  What could this all mean?  As far as ESPN is concerned it means the Saints are the new best team in the NFC.  As far as the rest of the rationally thinking world it means the team with the best record is still the class of the NFC.  Throw out all these stats about Grossman and how the defense can't carry it all year long.  The Bears are 10-2.  You hear me?  Only two.  Don't tell me what our D can and cannot do, especially when they keep doing it.

While I am in the mood to rub it in and I am sure BBS is ready with his 'He is a running back, not a receiver' chant, but ol Reggie 'Jesus in cleats' is starting to put up some back to back games.