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BEARS/RAMS- Game Thread

This game should be about two things, the Bears continued run towards home field advantage and the Rams desperately trying to get back into the playoff hunt.  Recent events have turned this game into a buffet of injuries, bad mouthing and position battles.

Chicago (10-2)

The Bears own this game if they can do two things. First, run the ball.  It is no secret.  The Rams have a very bad run defense and we have two quality running backs.  If the Bears come out firing, somebody didn't bother to watch their game tape.  Secondly, Grossman must limit the turnovers.  It really is as simple as that.  If Grossman drops 2 INTs by half time, expect to see Griese come the third quarter.

On defense, as many yards as Bulger has thrown for, Stephen Jackson is the catalyst for that team.  He has become as potent weapon as a receiver as he is a runner.  The Bears linebackers must keep an eye on him.  If the Bears can limit Jackson and put some pressure on Bulger, the D will have some opportunities to get their hands on a few turnovers.

St. Louis (5-7)

The Rams are hoping Grossman is the same Grossman of the past 5 games.  If he starts throwing the ball around with the same carelessness that he has it could give the Rams short fields and let them get on top early, forcing the Bears D and special teams to make big plays.  Much like the Bears the Rams need to give the ball to Jackson early and often.  The more they pound the ball the more the Bears will start moving in, that is when Torry Holt becomes dangerous.  The Rams have other good receivers, but if the secondary can keep Holt in check, everybody else should be manageable.

Drop your score predictions here.  Nobody has been taking me up on the offer, but if you win the score prediction, I will give you some front page time.

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Bears 28-10