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Grossman on short lease

If you watched any number of football shows yesterday, you would have heard this.  I believe Jay Glazer broke it and everybody else ran with it, but who knows.  MNF Joe sure played it like it was his.

The Bears will apparently judge Grossman's performance on a half-by-half basis for the rest of the year and that if he stumbles in any 30 minutes stretch he will be replaced.

This is certainly called for, but seems a bit harsh.  Say for instance, he has a great game tonight and next week, then comes out and struggles the first half against the Lions, I don't think Coach Smith is rash enough to pull him.

I believe Grossman can be our QB of the future, but with this D and this Special Teams we cannot waste this shot.  If Grossman cannot at least be steady and not turn the ball over 4 times every game, then perhaps Griese is the man for this year's run.

On a side note, can I point out that just because the Bears D has allowed a few 100 yard rushers after going 6 games without allowing one, does not mean our defense is getting worse.  It just means that due to Grossman's struggles they are on the field twice as much.  That makes for winded players.