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Bears romp, Hester runs and the Rams wonder what happened

The Bears readjust their crown as the NFC's best.

Off the arm of a rejuvinated Grossman, two TD returns for Hester and a stout D out of the half when they needed it, the Bears thrashed everybody's upset special team the Rams 42-27.

This game had everything setup for the Bears to crash, but they fought through and put on a show.

There was a lot of good in this game, but still some things to be worried about, most notably the defense.  Granted half our secondary is out and anytime you have a rookie and Dante Wesley as your cornerbacks, you can't expect a shut out.

We all breathed a sigh of relief after the performance of Grossman, but Devin Hester was the highlight of the game.  Breaking a NFL record with a total 6 return TDs, Hester ran back 2 including on a kickoff when the Bears had their hands team in and had 10 guys on the line.

Just for the record take a look at the rookie TD numbers.


All that with significantly less touches.  Speaking of rookie of the years how about Mark Anderson with 2 sacks to bring his total to 10?

Overall it was a feel good game all around against a team that is underrated.  They still have horses at the skill positions, but the Bears are too good.

With this win the Bears have clinched a first round bye and move into a tie with the Chargers for best record and take two game lead in the NFC for home field throughout. Two games with three should be easy games ahead.