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Hester is all the rage

Here is a slew of quotes on Devin Hester, the new king of Chicago.

"He's spectacular, man. He's prime time, baby," running back Cedric Benson said. "He's been doing that in college. I was a fan of his in college.

"The story of the game is Devin Hester," Smith said. "It's time we start looking at him as an offensive player. There are a lot of good offensive rookies in the league making big plays, but who has had as much impact as Devin Hester has in the league as a rookie right now?"

'The guy's unbelievable,'' Brian Urlacher said. ''I don't even know what to say. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. I would definitely not kick to him.''

 "He makes my job a lot easier," linebacker and special teams standout Brendon Ayanbadejo said last week. "I know every time I line up next to Hester there's a potential of him taking it to the house, so it gives me a little extra incentive to block harder and block longer.

"When he shines, we shine. When he does something good, it reflects on us. It's a good experience."