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Harris officially done

Something that has not been mentioned, but if you were reading the sports ticker every 5 minutes you saw it, was the ominous news that Pro Bowl defensive tackle Tommie Harris is done for the season.

It was thought that he would be back from a knee injury by playoff time, but an afterthought of a hamstring problem turned out to be much worse than expected.

Harris will have surgery in Dallas shortly and is expected to be ready for training camp next year.

There is no doubt that Harris will be missed, but his play over that last 4 or 5 games has been less than stellar.  Word around the campfire is that he had been reading too much into his own hype and had just realized what he was doing.  He was set to turn it around in the Minnesota game.  The Bears have good depth with Tank Johnson, Ian Scott and Alfonso Boone all capable of playing more than one position.  Yes, big lose, but no it does not stop us from a Super Bowl run.