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The fix is in

ESPN has just listed their power rankings and low and behold they have already given things over to their new golden teams.  The Saints and the Ravens despite having worse records are listed in front of the Bears who come in at #4.

That was pretty much the kind of game the Bears need Rex Grossman to play. Make some plays, don't make mistakes and let the defense or special teams do something special.

FOX keeps it a little bit more rounded, having only the Ravens in front as the Bears are listed at number 3.

For all the talk of a quarterback controversy and what's "wrong" with the Bears, Chicago's 42-27 victory in St. Louis secured a first round postseason bye and improved the NFC Central champions' record to 11-2. Rookie Devin Hester continued his assault on the record books Monday night, scoring his fifth and sixth return touchdowns of the season, an NFL record. With his two returns, Hester became the first Bears player to run two kickoffs for scores in a game. As for all that talk of a quarterback change? Rex Grossman played fine, relying on the run game early to give him a cushion-- and delivering several key passes in the second half. On the night, Grossman went 13-20 for 200 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. We can get rid of the weekly "Just Gross, Man" headlines for now.

CBS also has us at #3.

They are still the class of the NFC. If Rex Grossman can get it going again, they will be the Super team. Devin Hester is special.