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Carr in Chicago?

OK, this is an extreme hypothetical situation here, but in light of recent events I thought it would be cool to get a good debate going elsewhere.

I read an article where the writer suggested that he believed that the Texans were going to trade David Carr before this year's draft.

My opinion on Carr has been somewhat wishy washy.  You are what you are and he doesn't seem to be a 'winner', but I just don't think he has been given the proper opportunities to succeed.  

He has never been given a quality offensive line, that must affect him when he is on a 5 step drop.  By now he has to be thinking he is about to get hit.

He has never had a consistent run game.  Domanick Davis has been good, great even at times, but not nearly enough.

The only receiver he has ever had is Andre Johnson and he is inconsistent in his own right.

He has also never had a defense that could remotely bail him out or give him good field position.

In light of all of that, he has still put up good passing numbers.

So the hypothetical is simple.  Say the Bears find themselves at the end of this season needing a QB.  Would you consider/be happy with David Carr?  

To take it a little out of the hypothetical, say Griese demands to be traded to somewhere where he can have a chance to start, would you take Carr as a backup?  

If so to either of those questions, what is he worth in terms of trade value to you?