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Hester goes primetime

With his 2 TD returns on Monday Night Football, rookie corner back Devin Hester has been thrust into the spotlight.

He can not longer answer his own phone and has hired a screener.  Along with personal well wishers, business want a piece of him as well.  Nike among other have been in contact about a deal.  Hester has vowed to not reply to any of them until after the season is over.

Another fact that has come out is Hester's mentor relationship with Deion Sanders.  I have never liked Sanders, but if he is helping our boy Hester out he is good by me.  Here is a bit on the two:

On Hester's taunting of Rams players after the second score:

"You won't see him do it again, I promise," Sanders said Tuesday of the rookie's early celebration. "I don't condone the looking back and the taunting. I got on him about that. I know that sounds funny coming from me."

Sanders, with the help of then teammate Ed Reed, met up with Hester after hearing that Hester looked up to him.

"I look at Devin like a little brother I never had, and I love him," said Sanders, now retired and an analyst for the NFL Network. "I'm living vicariously through him right now."

On where Hester ranks as a returner

That Hester has six in 13 games boggles Sanders' mind. He had no qualms admitting Hester already was a better returner than he ever was because, "I never accomplished the feats he has accomplished."

"It's sort of like you can believe it but can't fathom the idea that he's doing what he knows he could do," Sanders said. "I just got off the phone with him and he said, 'The problem is, we have three more games.' ... He's in a zone right now."

Sanders identified instinct, vision, burst and hands as the keys for any elite returner to find that zone.

"Some returners have one or the other," Sanders said. "But he has all of them."

Sanders promised Hester also could develop into a cornerback worthy of Pro Bowl consideration if he gets more experience. According to Sanders, Hester's footwork for the position sets him apart and if Hester ever got to return an interception, "it's going to be ridiculous."

And of course on the dance.

"I have to work with him on that to tighten up his back kick," Sanders said.