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Tank, Hester and a Bears player fined

Just to clear up some of the confusion on this blog concerning Tank Johnson, and a possible statement about being done as a Bear.  Tank's actual statement was that he was afraid the Bears might release him.  One thing the Bears have always done, at least recently, is stick by their players.  Many on the team have come out in support of Tank.

Something that I apparently missed was that Hester was in on offense.  Only one play and it was an incomplete pass, but it is a start.  From what Coach Smith said they had more planned for him, but the flow of the offense went in another direction.

Defensive End Mark Anderson was fined 5,000 dollars by the league for an unnecessary roughness call against the Rams.  The call in question came when Anderson unintentionally hit Rams QB Mark Bulger in the back of the head on an apparent sack.