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Thomas Jones Poster Giveaway

I mentioned earlier that I had received a package of newspaper inserts from the Chicago Tribune.  I only received a few Urlacher ones, so I am holding those for bigger and possibly harder giveaway, but I did receive a healthy helping of Thomas Jones ones, so for making December this blogs best month since the draft I thought a Christmas giveaway was in order.  I am going to give away five of the Thomas Jones ones now.  I don't have the dimensions with me, but around the size of a newspaper sheet unfolded vertically.



You do not have to answer all of these, but are welcome to if you want to increase your odds of winning.  

Send only one email per entry.  In the subject line write TJ Poster and then the number that email answers.

You can only win one poster.  If you are the first to answer more than one, the second place winner will win.


  1. Who is my favorite Bears player of all-time?
  2. Go to this link at the Chicago Tribune.  Go to Meet the Bears.  Go to Cameron Worrell's card and flip the card.  Email me what music group he listens to when he works out.
  3. I started watching the Bears in 84.  Send the score to the first game I saw the Bears play(regular season and playoffs included).  To narrow it down a bit, it was a win and it was against the team I hate the most.
  4. Prior to Grossman starting this season and after Erik Kramer left, which starting Bears QB was I most horrified to have at the helm.
  5. Go to this link at the Chicago Tribune.  Go to galleries and to Urlacher's section.  One of the photos has him standing over a receiver.  Who is that receiver?
Good luck.  Remember to email the answers.  If they appear in the comments section they do not count.

Just for note, do to the hustle and bustle of Christmas and having two kids with birthdays in December, posters will not ship until January.