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Bears give their special teams something special

Something I didn't hear about until this morning and it just goes to show how ESPN just picks whatever the heck the want to, since I do believe they had heart attacks when the Patriots came out of the tunnel as a team a few years back, but yesterday the Chicago Bears introduced their special teams.  That is a pretty cool gesture.  The Bears have had the best special teams in the league all year long.

"That was so cool," said Maynard, the first one through the hand-slapping corridor of teammates. "It was my first time, and it means a lot to players to get a chance to do that even one time. I don't care if I ever do it again.

"We didn't find out about it until [Saturday] night. I wish I would've found out way ahead of time so I could've gotten more tickets for my kids, so they could see Dad run out of the tunnel."

For coordinator Dave Toub, seeing his guys honored was something he won't soon forget.

"I was very proud for those guys," he said. "It actually choked me up a little bit."

Granted the special teams was a mixed bag yesterday, but they deserved it.

"That was really special," Brendon Ayanbadejo said. "It felt great."