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Power Rankings

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With the New Orleans Saints crumbling in the spotlight as the best team in the NFC much like the Panthers, Giants, Seahawks and Cowboys all did before them, the Bears now rightfully take their spot as NFC best, but as is their policy ESPN refuses to give the Bears any credit.  This time moving the Colts from the 6 spot over the Bears into #3 leaving the Bears still at #4.  Every other power ranking not done by the world wide leader in front running has a more stable list.


Rex Grossman is covering for the defense? Sounds strange but in the last two games -- both wins -- Grossman has thrown for 539 yards, four TDs and no picks while the defense has allowed 58 points.


Hidden in all the Rex Grossman talk is that the defense isn't playing as well as expected. That could be a problem come playoff time.


The Bears wrapped up a first round bye, a division title, and home field throughout the NFC playoffs with their 34-31 Overtime win over Tampa on Sunday. Rex Grossman played his best game of the season, tossing for 399 yards and 2 Touchdowns in the effort. Despite squandering a 24-3 third quarter lead, the Bears came out on top in the end. Brian Urlacher spoke bluntly with reporters after the game, "We're 12-2, we have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. What more do you want from us at this point in time?"