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Grossman a Pro Bowler

I believe he is and I more than a lot have spoken out on how Tony Romo is just riding a wave of man crushes by various sports journalists, but I never really looked into any numbers to back me up on not being a complete homer.  Here is an article that is down right livid that Romo was selected over Grossman and I think it bears at least pointing out.

The only quarterback in the NFL to have surpassed a passer rating of 100 in seven games this season, Grossman deserved deeper consideration for leading the NFC's most dominant team than a guy who has played half a season as Romo has.


Grossman has been in charge of a Bears offense that has scored more than 30 points seven times, the team's highest total in a season in 50 years. He is 16-5 as a starter in his career and 12-2 this season, a statistic that isn't always a good measure of a quarterback but one trotted out often when Romo-maniacs point out the Cowboys are 6-2 under his cool right hand.


Oh, Grossman was terrible in victories over Arizona and Minnesota and his poor play contributed to losses to Miami and New England. But he was the NFC's most dominant offensive player during the first month of the season and regained that form last Sunday against Tampa Bay in a performance that earned him NFC player of the week honors.

Not to dismiss Grossman's cover-your-eyes games, but even Pro Bowl quarterbacks lay the occasional egg. San Diego's Phillip Rivers, for instance, is coming off a game where his passer rating was 12.4.


"Our defense is going to step up and play," he said. "Those were just a couple of great plays by Tampa but our defense is the best in the league. ... I don't ever go into the game [and say] 'Now we have to score more points or now we have to score fewer points.'"

Yeah, but now Grossman can say so and nobody will question it.

Just as nobody should doubt Grossman being as worthy as Romo for a February vacation to Waikiki Beach once they compare the bodies of work.

"I know he had a couple of games he didn't play as well," Smith said of Grossman. "But he's having an outstanding season."

You could call it a Pro Bowl season. And should.

It is really quite simple, ESPN among others have had it in for the Bears for some unknown reason.  Even in the first month of the season when we were destroying people, they all pointed to our record.  Then when we trounced other NFC hopefuls in Seattle and the Giants it was because of injuries or bad coaching.  They gave insane amounts of airtime to the Panthers, Cowboys, Saints, Giants and Seahawks as best team in the NFC despite the Bears being the only team that was actually winning their games.