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LIONS/BEARS- Statistical Breakdown

Here we go Bears fans.  Week 15.  Almost to the playoffs.  

With the holidays coming up, I have no idea what my posting schedule will be like.  I am off of work tomorrow, but will keep an eye on the news and try to get anything important up.  Obviously, on Monday I will not be around the computer much.

So if I don't speak to you before then, everybody have a great holiday doing whatever it is you do on your time off.

28.1 (2nd) Points Scored 17.5 (26th)
323.5 (15th) Total Offense 304.2 (25th)
119.1 (14th) Rushing Offense 69.8 (32nd)
204.4 (18th) Passing Offense 234.5 (7th)
14.9 (3rd) Points Allowed 24.4 (29th)
286.1 (5th) Total Defense 343.6 (27th)
101.9 (9th) Rushing Defense 131.1 (23rd)
184.3 (4th) Passing Defense 212.5 (19th)
+12 (T-2nd) Turnover Ratio -11 (T-29th)