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Bears move to 13-2

People like to say how the Bears win inspite of Grossman or inspite of the current state of our pass defense or whatever other number of reasons they can come up with to let them sleep at night, but the fact remains that the Bears keep winning.  Not a lot of teams can say that.  Teams like Atlanta, Cincy and New York desperately need wins and don't get them.  Teams like Indy lost to teams they have no business falling to, but I guess that means nothing to people.  

The Bears pass defense again looked questionable as Jon Kitna threw for 3 TDs, but our run defense played well and the offense did enough to pull out the win.  Todd Johnson and Charles Tillman were both inactive.

Despite the win, the Bears find themselves right back where they started, a QB contraversy.  Coach Smith insists that the change at QB was planned and it probably was, but I am sure much will be made out of it.

With Grossman going for 197, 1 TD and a third straight game without an interception, nothing will come of it to the dismay of many journalists.